Monday, 4 January 2016

Burstal Pass up to the drainage

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. We got up, had a mac attack and headed to K-Country to test out Jennie's new rig. Rosingnol BC110's with Volle Cable bindings and Alpina backcountry three pin boots. These bad boys are a bit old school, with some new technology added. The overall consensus of the new skis were they were way better than the 1980's 200cm "Telemark" rig and low cut three pin race boots.

Jennie was a fiend on these bad boys. She was chugging along at my pace. A lesson in teaching skiing, start them on difficult to use equipment and then buy nice gear the second time.

The weather was good, -15 C and sunny. The trail is mostly in the shade, but the lake was in the sun. The wind picked u a bit, but overall it was a really nice ski.

For reference, one can probably just head strait down to the lake and ski along the flat and save a good 15 minutes.

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